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Special Rolls and Appetizers

Wasabi Special Rolls

Pepper Delight

Spicy crab with tempura crumbles inside. Topped with fresh avocado, eel sauce and black pepper flakes.

Chef Gao Style

Half spicy shrimp, half spicy octopus inside and wrapped in pink soy paper. Topped with toasted scallops, avocado, fried crab and three sauce.

Yellow Tail Jalapeño

Spicy crab roll topped with fresh yellow tail, thin sliced jalapeño and scallions.

Kiss Me Dave

2 Shrimp tempura and avocado inside with salmon, cream cheese on top. Slightly seared and finished with eel sauce, mayo and crunch. Created by one of our best regular customer!!

Ozzy Roll

Spicy tuna inside with spicy crab, spicy mayo and eel sauce on top.

Wasabi Special Appetizers

Beyond The Fantasy

Fresh big eye tuna encrusted in panko and lightly fried with chopped pineapple, salmon and white fish. Drizzled in pineapple juice, wasabi mayo, eel sauce and chili tobiko.

Green Mussel Dynamite

Green mussels baked with spicy sauce and topped with black tobiko.

Chef Lu Special

Chopped avocado, mango, asparagus, crab and shrimp on top of shrimp tempura roll with chef lu's secret sauce.

Green Apple

Spicy crab and sushi rice wrapped with thinly sliced avocado.

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